Easter Adventures

Hello all, I hope everyone had a nice Easter yesterday!
I had a wonderful day. For one, it was actually warm!! Soon after I woke up yesterday morning we dyed eggs. We even used birthday candles (crayons work too, anything waxy will) to write our names on the eggs, though I sort of butchered mine haha. 
The kit also came with these little plastic bag things to put the dye in, which I’d never seen before. They actually were very sturdy and worked quite well!
I, of course, made a pink egg first since it’s my favorite color! I also made a purple one by soaking the egg in pink and then blue.
The kit even came with cute stickers to put on the eggs!
After dying the eggs, I went to my grandparents’ house for lunch and ended up staying until 10:30. I had such a great time being with my family, I really am so lucky to have them!
One final thing, there is an abandoned house near my grandparents’ house. There is an old barn, a cute farmhouse, and so much beautiful land. I would love to live there! After we ate my sister, her boyfriend, my boyfriend, and I all went exploring there for hours! In the barn, I found this pile of keys which looked really cool. I have some amazing pictures, but I’ll share those in another post :).
Below is a photo of my boyfriend, Jacob, and I by the house. Just ignore his hobbit hair, hehe!
Sorry for the super long post, but I just had such a great day and wanted to share it!
I hope you all had a great time, too, and I’d love to hear all about it!

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