Product Review: SPLAT Hair Dye

Hello! I’ve done this sort of review post before and enjoyed writing it, so I thought I’d do another. The product I’ll be reviewing today is SPLAT hair dye. The colors I’ve used and will be talking about are Pink Fetish, Lusty Lavender, and Blue Envy.

I am beyond pleased with this product! The instructions were easy to follow, the dye didn’t stain my skin, and it really lasts! Also, my hair still felt soft and healthy.
Depending on how long you want the color to last, you can leave the dye in for 10-30 minutes. I left the dye for about 20 minutes. I did this in February, and there is still some color left six months later!
The first time I washed my hair after dying, it only bled a little, and didn’t bleed at all after that.
There is bleach that you can use to lighten your hair so the color stands out better, but I didn’t use it, as my hair is already very light.
Last year, I got the same thing done in a salon. This was more expensive, and most of the color washed out the first time I washed my hair, and then bled every time I washed it. Overall, the color only lasted about a month. I definitely recommend using SPLAT over going to a salon. 
I bought SPLAT at Walmart for only $10 per box. There are a lot more great colors that I’d like to try out. I also still have a lot of dye left over for next time, so you get a lot for your money.
  • inexpensive
  • lasting color
  • great colors
  • home-dying can be difficult on your own the first time you do it
Have you ever used SPLAT?
What did you think of it?
What other dyes have you used and how did you like it?

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