Labor Day Adventure

September 1st was Labor Day in the United States. Labor Day is usually the day before school starts, so many people like to go outside and enjoy their last day of summer vacation.

I spent my Labor Day in Michigan. Each year on Labor Day, you can walk across the Mackinac Bridge, the 5 mile bridge that connects the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan. This year was the 8th time I’ve done the bridge walk.

It felt great to to for a long walk with such a beautiful view!
As you can see, a ton of people do this each year!
A large portion of the bridge is a grate like this, so you can look at the water as you walk. It’s kind-of cool and also kind-of scary! 

Lots of people dress up or do fun things for the bridge walk. This is by far the coolest I’ve seen yet!
Here I am at the finish line!

Did any of you do anything fun for Labor Day?
Until next time!

3 thoughts on “Labor Day Adventure

  1. Wow that looks like such a great experience! America is one of the places I really want to travel to, it seems like such an amazing country!!

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