Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!! I don’t know why, but I think I’ve been more excited for Halloween this year than I have been any other year. Halloween is just so great: getting scared at corn mazes or haunted houses, watching scary movies, and of course all the candy (I swear I’m a child inside)!
Unfortunately where I live, it’s always really cold on Halloween. It actually snowed last night, so it doesn’t even look like autumn anymore. There is a layer of snow and ice over everything!
Tonight I’m going to a haunted house, and then probably watching some scary movies, because what else are you supposed to do on Halloween!
Halloween Tag
1. What is your favorite Halloween movie? I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas for the first time this year and I loved it! If I had to choose a scary one though, it would be the original Halloween. This was the first scary movie I ever watched so it still really gets me scared!
2. If you were in a horror movie, how far would you get? I think I’d be smart enough to evade getting killed for a while. I’m not the sort of person who’d just stand there screaming and crying, I’d be trying my hardest to get out of there. Unfortunately though, if I was being chased, I wouldn’t last long at all. I can’t run very well due to some joint/bone problems so I’d be down pretty quick.
3. What is your favorite memory of Halloween? My favorite Halloween memories are all from going trick or treating when I was a kid.
4. Your best/worst Halloween costume? My best Halloween costume was probably when I was an old lady. I wore really comfortable pajamas and a robe, and I put some skin cream on my face. I was warm and comfortable for the whole night and my skin felt amazing the next morning! My worst Halloween costume was when I decided to be a hula dancer. My costume was a tank top and a grass skirt, but since I live in Wisconsin they were covered up by a huge coat and sweat pants so I wouldn’t freeze. No one could even see my costume!
5. How do you get into the Halloween spirit? I listen to a lot of Halloween playlists on Pandora and 8 Tracks, as well as watching scary movies. I also bought a pack of Halloween pencils that I’ve been using all week.
6. Favorite Halloween decoration? My cat! I have a black cat named Ashley and I think that totally counts as a decoration! 🙂 However I do love seeing carved pumpkins all over town. 
7. Name one unusual thing that you’re afraid of. Chainsaws at corn mazes. I’m not even fazed by the people who jump out with knives or scary masks, but as soon as the chainsaw comes out I’m a mess and running as fast as I can. I think it’s because usually at these places, all of the other “weapons” are so obviously fake, but the chainsaw is so real. I always think that it would be so easy for someone to sneak in with his chainsaw and actually start killing people-I have no idea why!
8. Vampires or zombies? I think zombies are so much scarier because they’re what’s left of humans. Also, I love the movie Zombieland!
9. Werewolves or ghosts? Ghosts!!! I love a good ghost story.
10. Creepy dolls or creepy clowns? Creepy dolls, I think they’re scarier than clowns!
11. Do you believe in ghosts? I honestly don’t know, though I think I lean more towards yes. 
I’m tagging EVERYONE who reads this to do this tag!
Let me know if you do the tag as I’d love to read it.
I hope you enjoyed this post! I’ll get away from the tags and do some more regular posts soon.
Have fun and stay safe tonight!

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  1. Great post! Some really cute/funny things here! Especially about the chainsaws and corn mazes!Would love if you could check out my blog if you get a chance!www.emilyh.cox

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