The Christmas Tag: Blogmas Day 2

I first would like to say that I have decided to take part in Blogmas. I thought about it yesterday, but had decided that, with finals in less than 2 weeks, I wouldn’t have the time. However, after thinking about it overnight, I figure that as long as I draft some posts in advance, I should be able to do it (please disregard this false hope when/if I don’t get all of my posts up in time).
Anywho, I have found multiple posts doing The Christmas Tag. However, the questions are different almost every time. So, I’ve decided to pick my favorite questions from all of the one’s I’ve seen to create my own. 
1. What is your favorite Christmas movie?
It’s a tradition in my family to watch The Year Without A Santa Claus every Christmas, but I also love Elf!
2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
I get to open one or two presents on Christmas Eve, usually ones sent from relatives, but the rest I open on Christmas Day.
3. Do you have a favorite Christmas memory?
I remember sneaking out of my room and going into the living room hoping to see Santa on Christmas Eve.
4. What is your favorite festive food?
5. What tops your tree?
A white star with twinkly lights on it.
6. As a kid, what was the one crazy, wild, extravagant gift you always asked for but never received?
I remember asking for stock shares one year. I don’t think I knew what it was but my dad had it so I wanted some too.
7. Do you prefer a real or synthetic Christmas tree?
Real tree, no question.
8. What’s your favorite scheme for decorating the tree?
My family usually gets one tree for our living room that we put our presents under. For that tree, we use all of the ornaments that were childhood favorites, or ones that my sister and I made as children. We get another, smaller tree for our sunroom that we decorate with white ornaments and tinsel.
9. Giving or receiving?
I love giving when I know for sure that the person is going to love the gift.
10. Christmas Day fashion?
I open my presents in my pajamas. When my family heads over to my relatives’ house for lunch, I usually wear jeans and some of the new clothes I just opened.
11. What’s  your favorite Christmas song?
Baby Please Come Home by Josh Ramsay
12. Do you open your presents before or after lunch?
I open my presents from my sister and parents before lunch. Then I go to my relatives’ house, eat lunch, and then open those presents after. 
I’m tagging Kenzie to do this tag next. 
If any of you decide to do this, let me know in the comments because I’d love to see it!

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