November Favorites: Blogmas Day 4

Hello there!
This past month, I have found some products/songs/whatnot that I love.
First, I’ve found myself using these two lipsticks I recently ordered from Avon. The colors are Matte Ruby and Wineberry. Matte Ruby is a nice red that I like to wear for a classy look. Wineberry is a deeper, winter color that I’ve also been wearing a lot.

There is another lipstick that I’ve been wearing a lot. It’s Lovely Fuchsia by Avon. I got the sample for free in a coffee shop from a woman who sells Avon and had a booth set up there. Since I currently only have the small sample, I have asked for a full tube for Christmas.

“Sleep” pillow mist from Bath & Body Works has been my lifesaver. As a person who deals with insomnia, there are some nights when I just can’t sleep, no matter how tired I am. This yummy smelling pillow mist has a scent that is so relaxing that it helps me to fall asleep quickly.

I recently bought a bunch of knee high socks, and I’m loving them! I like to pair them with boots and a dress or skirt. Also, they keep my legs warm when I wear dresses in colder weather! I’m hoping to find a pair of short, black boots like these to wear with my black socks.

“Say It Now” by We The Kings and “Sad Song” by We The Kings and Elena Coats are my current favorite songs.

I love scarves, but my dinosaur infinity scarf has got to be my favorite!

Do you use any of these products?
What are some of your November favorites?

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