Life Update: Blogmas Day 9

Hello everybody!
I would like to apologize in advance for the lameness of this post, as it’s just a boring ol’ update. But I still do want to let everybody know what’s been going on with me, and why I’m having such trouble keeping up on here.
First, I have my final exams next week. This means studying for lots of tests, and getting projects done by Friday for those professors who don’t want to have to come in next week. This means that I am incredibly busy, and I’m just really hoping that my blog (and my grades!) won’t suffer for it.
Last weekend, I visited my sister at her university and spent the whole weekend hanging out with her. Over the course of three days, we watched 5 Harry Potter films and 2 Harry Potter fan musicals. These pretty much just played in the background while we did homework. My sister and I are extremely close, so I was very sad when I had to leave. I literally cried the entire two hour drive home!
On Friday night, I also went to a We Are Leo concert. I didn’t know the band before I went, I mostly just wanted to see some of my friends who were going that I haven’t seen in a while, but they were very good and I had a great time. 
I haven’t begun my Christmas shopping yet, and I really need to get going on that! Also, I have quite a few knitting works in progress that I was planning on getting done by Christmas, but I really don’t think that will happen. Oops, maybe I can have them finished by next Christmas? haha
That’s about it! Sorry for the short and quick post, but as soon as my final exams are over I promise that the post quality will definitely improve. By the way, if you are doing Vlogmas, I totally admire you, as I cannot imagine how much harder it is to film an entire day, edit it, and upload it, as well as keeping up with everything else in your life!

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