New Semester Stress

Hi there! Today I’ll be ranting, sorry about that aha…
On Monday, I started school again. I’m currently a sophomore in college.
Usually, I don’t mind the school I go to. But so far this semester, it’s been nothing but headaches. Let me explain.
I go to a two-year university. Since I am pursuing a four-year degree, this means that I will go here for two years, and then transfer to a four-year university. I did this because the school I currently go to is twenty minutes from home and is quite a few thousand dollars cheaper. I decided to go to this school so that I could save money, and hopefully have less debt when I finally graduate. (Also my parents can keep cooking for me and doing my laundry and I can still have my cat, haha)
The problem with going to a two-year school and then transferring to another school is that the two schools, though technically in the same university system, work separately. It is my job to figure out what classes will actually count towards my degree at my next school. Also, a class worth four credits here may only be worth three credits there. Things like that.
I plan on graduating from my two-year university with a degree, and then going to the four-year and graduating with a more advanced degree. Because of this, I am pretty much only taking classes to fulfil my degree requirements.
This semester, I needed a science class that included a lab, and opted to take biology. However, since this is a very small school, only one class was offered. It comes as no surprise that this class filled up almost immediately. While I could have taken  that online, an online class turned out to be extremely expensive. So there I was, without a class that I needed to get my degree. I was (not surprisingly) panicking from about Saturday to Wednesday. 
When all of the classes filled up, I emailed every teacher, both on-campus and online, that taught a class that would fulfil my requirement and begged them to let me join their class. Luckily, one teacher took pity on me and let me join his online chemistry class. Since the semester started on Monday and I just joined yesterday, I only just order my textbook and lab supplies. So, I am now scrambling to get caught up, but there is only so much I can do without the textbook.
Also, for the classes I was already enrolled in, there was a problem with the website that the university uses to get textbooks. Therefore, I showed up to my classes with the wrong textbooks. Now, I am trying to get my new books without missing too much, and figuring out how to return the ones I had bought.
So far, this semester has been such a pain. I know I’ve been complaining this entire time, but it seems that things are starting to calm down and fall into place (knock on wood). It sounds like I’m going to like chemistry more than I would have liked biology, so that actually turned out for the best. 
I’m sorry for this rant post (a first for me!), and as things are getting fixed, I will be getting more positive. I just needed to rant, and this blog is for saying what I want, right?
On a lighter note, I’m really looking forward to spring, though it’s still a ways away. Some days when the sun is out and the snow is melting a little, I can trick myself to thinking it’s closer than it really is.
How has your semester been going?

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