Disappointment in University of Wisconsin

Unfortunately, today is another rant. I feel bad doing two rants in a row, but things have been getting worse and worse, I really just need to talk about what is going on. Also, I’m hoping that I might help someone to avoid what is happening to me.
I am enrolled in my fourth semester at a college in the University of Wisconsin system. In the past few weeks, I have had nothing but problems and disappointment with them that really should have been avoided.
I signed up for an online class since the class I needed on campus filled up. However, I dropped that class and enrolled in a different online class instead. As I did all of this weeks before the deadline to add/drop classes, it should not have been a problem. However, the fees for both classes are still showing up in my tuition breakdown. University of Wisconsin is asking me to pay $125 for a class I dropped before the semester even started. 
In addition, when I looked at my tuition breakdown, I also saw a fee for more than $900 that came as a total surprise to me. Apparently, I need to pay extra tuition for my online class. When I looked into it further, I finally found where it stated I had to pay the extra tuition. This information is only found after following several links, and is virtually hidden on the website. When I was considering online classes, none of the several advisors on campus that I spoke to thought to mention this extra fee. I feel that I have been tricked into paying almost $1000 extra. 
This is my fourth semester at this university. I have given this school a hell of a lot of money, and I would have hoped to get some decency and honesty out of them.
I am so sick of the University of Wisconsin system, and I feel so wronged and upset by everything that’s happened. 

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