What Would Jesus Post? by Brian D. Wassom: Book Review

Hello again! I’m here today with another book review. I received a copy of  What Would Jesus Post? by Brian D. Wassom from BookLook Bloggers.
This book gives seven principles for how Christians should act on social media. These include think before you post, don’t try to act like something you’re not, guard your heart, don’t be too distracted by social media, don’t be a stumbling block for other people, be a peacemaker, and build genuine community. While this is aimed for a Christian audience, I think that these principles are ones that every person on social media should be following. 
The author’s main points include thinking before you post and not bringing down other people. Is what you’re about to say going to hurt anyone? Is this something that really needs to be shared? Think about what you’re posting: is this appropriate for the people who are going to see it? Pretty common sense stuff that doesn’t seem to be so common. He also says not to be a stumbling block for others, and to really think about what you’re posting and how it may affect other people.
I found this book to be very interesting because it made me think about what kind of content I put out on the internet, whether that is through my Facebook, Twitter, or my blog. Am I building people up and creating a friendly community, or am I being negative and bringing people down? The book by no means says that you can’t share your frustrations or be negative on social media. You don’t have to pretend that everything is great all the time, because life just isn’t that way. Sometimes, online friends can help you through tough times that you share. However, you should not be intentionally posting anything that you know will hurt others. 
There are actually quite a few of my friends that I’d like to share this book with who I think would benefit from it. I think that having read this is beneficial to me.
Also, the author used the Bible to show how Christians should be acting and how that applies to social media today, as well as giving personal examples of how he learned and experienced these things. He was very clear and consistent in his writing, and I read the book quite quickly. I enjoyed it and I definitely recommend it!

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