ICB Princess Bible: Review

Hello again!
I received another Bible from the publisher through BookLook Bloggers, and oh my goodness, may I just start by mentioning how absolutely adorable this Bible is??? I honestly just picked this one because I saw the pretty purple and pink cover. I love it!
This Bible translation is written for about a third grade reading level to make it easier for young girls to understand the content of the Bible. In addition to this easy-to-understand translation, this Bible includes study tools and helpful information. These include maps, illustrated timelines, a dictionary, some important verses to know, places to write favorite verses, guidance on how to pray, and tips on how to study the Bible. Also, in the chapters themselves, some really important verses to know are highlighted. Also, another thing that I think is nice about this Bible is that even as a twenty year old English major reading a children’s Bible, I didn’t feel like I was reading something that was too “dumbed down”, and it didn’t get in the way of reading it. Everything is organized nicely, and this hardcover Bible is made to last a long time.
I totally recommend this Bible for those with little girls being introduced to the Word. I cannot wait to give this to my little girl someday!

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