The Inheritance by Michael Phillips: Book Review

Hello everyone, I’m here today with another book review! Today I’m reviewing The Inheritance by Michael Phillips. This book is about a small Scottish island where the clan leader has just died. His death has created conflict both in the small town and overseas, as there are complications with the inheritance.
I was sent an email by Bethany House Publishers saying that I could pick out a book from a list. I chose The Inheritance for no reason other than it takes place in Scotland. To be honest, I really didn’t like this book, but to be fair I’m not really into contemporary. 
The dialogue is often written phonetically to sound like the Scottish dialect, but it was way over the top and often hard to understand. Also, the way the characters speak wasn’t consistent. The dialogue was also really expository and unnatural sounding. Finally, the book just randomly ended. This is the first in the series, so it will eventually continue, but I think that the author was careless with the ending. It didn’t even end on a cliffhanger or anything, it just ended.
The storyline itself was okay. Like I said, it isn’t really my genre, so this could be something that you would like. Also, the chapters are really short and switch point of view, which helped keep the novel from being super dense and boring. That was the book’s saving grace that kept me reading.
Overall, I gave it 2 out of 5 stars. The storyline was okay, but it was carelessly written. But like I said, if this is your kind of genre, you’ll probably like this a lot more than I did!
*I was given a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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