Disappearing Church by Mark Sayers REVIEW!

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Disappearing Church by Mark Sayers delves into the issue of Christians leaving the church at a really fast rate. Sayers gives his thoughts on why that is. He says that people are leaving the church due to their concern for instant gratification and escaping the rules and confines of Christian life- the secularization of the west.
I really didn’t like this book at all. It was super dry and hard to get through. There is no personal voice to the book at all, and it actually reads like a textbook, coming across as really grumpy, judge, and preachy. His thoughts seemed very outdated. I looked at the copyright date in the front and was shocked to see that it was published this year. Sayers was really vague, not really giving specific examples with little evidence to back up his claims. Honestly, he really just said the same thing over and over and over for 200 pages. 
I also didn’t agree with the majority of what Sayers said. While he went on and on about how the people who leave the church are the bad and sinful ones, he hardly even acknowledged that in the majority of cases, the problem is with the church itself and the leaders in the church. I’m pretty sure there was only one sentence on this in the whole book. 
Though it is a short book, it took me longer than usual to get through it. Overall, I gave it 2/5 stars. It has some great reviews on Goodreads, but I don’t really get it.
*I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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