Matchbox 20: A Brief History of Everything

A few weeks ago, I went to a Matchbox 20 concert with my mom and my sister! Though it was a ton of fun, it ended up being a pretty big ordeal.
We had to drive a few hours to get to the venue. Since I live kind of in the middle of nowhere, I pretty much have to drive a few hours for any kind of concert or event. Good thing I love road trips! On the way to the venue, we stopped at A&W to satisfy and root beer float craving, and found an adorable Disney-themed little free library along the way.

So, I should mention that pretty heavy storms were predicted for the night of the concert. And it was an outdoor concert. 
Shortly after we arrived at the venue, it started sprinkling. Not too hard, so it was fine waiting outside.
However, after Counting Crows (the opener) played for literally hours, it starting storming heavily right on top of us! We were told we had to take shelter immediately, since the lightning was coming down right around us. It was a long walk to the nearest buildings and we got completely soaked through!
We waited about half an hour for the storm to pass, then made our way back out to the muddy field. No way we were going to miss Matchbox 20! It took another hour for the equipment to get all set up again.
FINALLY, Matchbox 20 came out!!! They sound amazing live, and Rob Thomas is a great performer. He was just full of energy, running around and climbing all over things. They were so worth the wait. My favorite songs to hear were She’s So Mean, Unwell, and If You’re Gone.
Overall, I had a really great time and was so glad that we were able to go. 

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