Becoming a Runner

I have never been, by any means, a runner. I am in no way athletic, sporty, or fit. The only time I ever did any running was when they made me in high school, and even then I did it grudgingly. I’ve always rolled my eyes when people said they loved running, or who couldn’t go a day without going for a run.
However, I have always been extremely jealous of those people. Though I rolled my eyes, I’ve always wished for the feeling that I had to run, or even that I wanted to run. I went my whole life without doing anything about it. I just decided that I wasn’t a runner, and I wasn’t going to be.
Luckily, I have changed my attitude about that, and now I know that, with some work, anyone can become a runner if they want to be.
Here are some tips if, like me, you are interested in taking up running, but don’t know how.
1. Just get out and go.
This seems obvious, but really, the hardest thing is dragging my butt out of bed at 6 am to run before nine hours of work later in the day. Getting out of bed is the hard part, but once you are outside and moving, it gets much easier.
2. Get ready before you go to bed.
I need to sleep dressed in my running clothes, with my shoes and iPod sitting next to the bed for me to slip on in the morning. I am so slow and slugging in the morning that, if I’m not ready when I get up, I will take so long getting ready that I’ll never get outside.
3. Listen to music while you run.
Make a running playlist with fast, high energy songs that you’ll enjoy listening to while you run, and have a good beat you can keep in time with. If I’m listening to my favorite song that gets me pumped, I can forget how tired I am.
4. Keep your head up.
For so long, I ran looking down at my feet. Can’t tell you why. If you keep your head up and look ahead while you run, you will move so much further and be able to run further.
5. Get a FitBit.
Having something tracking your progress is so motivating! You can set goals and see how much progress you’ve made. The FitBit I have only cost about $30, and there are many other brands out there.
Those are some of my tips as I work to become a runner! 

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