Poverty, Riches, and Wealth by Kris Valotton | Review

This book is all about moving out of poverty, not with riches, but with Biblical wealth.
The author grew up in poverty thinking that wealth was evil. However, in adulthood, as he worked to move out of poverty, he learned that it can’t be evil, because heaven is full of riches. So what does the Bible say about poverty, riches, and wealth?
God blesses us with wealth: these are the qualities, skills, and attributes that God has given us to do His work and advance His Kingdom. 
He also talks about the fact that it is okay to have money and to buy things. It’s okay to have nice things, as long as those things don’t have you. 
He gives lots of principles and ideas to get yourself out of that poverty mentality to see the wealth that God has blessed us with. 
The first half of the book seemed aimed toward personal life application, while the second half definitely focused on using these principles as you run a business. Personally, I think that he went to far into business, and that would have worked better in a separate book marketed toward business owners. 
Overall, I gave this 3.5/5 stars.

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