Illinois Fairytale


I recently discovered the beautiful Matthiessen State Park, a beautiful dells in northern Illinois.

Being from Wisconsin, I don’t spend a lot of time in Illinois, even though it’s not that far (who likes those tolls?), so I was glad to have the opportunity to explore the state a little bit.

I am so glad I did, because this dells is one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever been. With all of the green colors, the waterfalls, and the colored rock walls, I felt like I had stepped right into a fairytale world.


As we walked through the park, I couldn’t believe how much there was to see! At every turn, I expected to find ourselves at the end, but it just kept going and going!


We were able to stay mostly dry, but there were a few spots where you needed to walk through the water a bit, so bring waterproof shoes if you decide to visit.




Not far from this park is Starved Rock State Park, which also boasts a beautiful dells. We ran out of time on this trip, but I think that I will make visiting a priority next spring.

2 thoughts on “Illinois Fairytale

    1. Thank you for the advice! Everything was pretty dried up when I was there and I would love to see the waterfalls when they’re more active! Will definitely plan a trip in the spring! 🙂

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