Ice Castles

At the end of January, I headed to Lake Geneva, WI to see the famous winter ice castles. Each year, the city of Lake Geneva brings a company in to build amazing, interactive ice castles, complete with rooms, ice slides, and even a throne. It was a freezing cold night, barely above 0, but IContinue reading “Ice Castles”

A Chicago Adventure

Hey there! So some pretty exciting things have happened. I recently moved two hours away from home to a new university. How scary is that! I really love it here so far (apart from the classes haha), and I’m really looking forward to some new experiences. Also, in August, I went to Chicago for twoContinue reading “A Chicago Adventure”

From Wisconsin to California

Hello guys! Last week, I went on vacation with my family. We drove from Wisconsin all the way to California and back.  We drove through Wisconsin to Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, and stopped in Reno, Nevada for a few days. We went into California a few days in a row but stayed in RenoContinue reading “From Wisconsin to California”