Discovering Art in Milwaukee

On a recent trip to Milwaukee, I spent a day wandering around the Milwaukee Art Museum. First of all, the architecture of the building is incredible. The “wings” of the roof are opened up each morning and closed at night, and they “flap” closed and open again each day at noon.  And really, you justContinue reading “Discovering Art in Milwaukee”

Art at 2,000 Degrees

Earlier this summer, my family and I decided that we wanted to try something new. So, we signed up for a class and locked ourselves in a sweltering room for a day. We tried glass blowing! First of all, we all showed up wearing flip flops and shorts, a big no-no when it comes toContinue reading “Art at 2,000 Degrees”

A Chicago Adventure

Hey there! So some pretty exciting things have happened. I recently moved two hours away from home to a new university. How scary is that! I really love it here so far (apart from the classes haha), and I’m really looking forward to some new experiences. Also, in August, I went to Chicago for twoContinue reading “A Chicago Adventure”