The Beauty Blogger Tag: Blogmas Day 22

Hi there! So today I’m doing the beauty blogger tag. I wasn’t really sure about this one, since I would NOT consider myself a beauty blogger. But I figured that since I sometimes do posts about beauty and not all of the questions are beauty related, I’m close enough. 1. Is your hair naturally straight […]

One Minute Hairstyle: Blogmas Day 18

Hello there! Today I wanted to share with you a hairstyle that I tried a few weeks ago and which turned out really well. I got this from a video I found on YouTube (you can watch it here) that had a few really nice and easy quick hairstyles. I tried the one (I think it’s […]

November Favorites: Blogmas Day 4

Hello there! This past month, I have found some products/songs/whatnot that I love. First, I’ve found myself using these two lipsticks I recently ordered from Avon. The colors are Matte Ruby and Wineberry. Matte Ruby is a nice red that I like to wear for a classy look. Wineberry is a deeper, winter color that […]