After 50 Years of Ministry by Bob Russell REVIEW

After 50 Years of Ministry: 7 Things I’d Do Differently & 7 Things I’d Do the SameĀ is a book by former pastor Bob Russell for those going into ministry. He explains 7 things he would do differently if given a second chance, and 7 things he would do the same. This is a guide forContinue reading “After 50 Years of Ministry by Bob Russell REVIEW”

My Favorite Authors: Blogmas Day 23

I did it! I actually did Blogmas! I know it usually goes for two more days, but I’ll be spending time with my family tomorrow and on Christmas, and I don’t want to be sitting online blogging while I’m with them. Anyway…on to today’s post… I highly recommend checking out some books by these authors…Continue reading “My Favorite Authors: Blogmas Day 23”

The Beauty Blogger Tag: Blogmas Day 22

Hi there! So today I’m doing the beauty blogger tag. I wasn’t really sure about this one, since I would NOT consider myself a beauty blogger. But I figured that since I sometimes do posts about beauty and not all of the questions are beauty related, I’m close enough. 1. Is your hair naturally straightContinue reading “The Beauty Blogger Tag: Blogmas Day 22”

Netflix "To Watch" List: Blogmas Day 21

Since I won’t be going to school or working for the next month, I’m finally going to be able to watch/catch up on some of the things I’ve been wanting to! Shows Supernatural Doctor Who Once Upon A Time Psych How I Met Your Mother Sherlock Movies Blackfin Populaire Carrie What should I add toContinue reading “Netflix "To Watch" List: Blogmas Day 21”

15 Things I Love About Christmas: Blogmas Day 20

people seem to be in a better mood than usual Christmas movies on TV hearing Christmas music playing in stores shopping for people knowing what you bought for someone is going to make them happy Christmas lights hot chocolate going out to buy a Christmas tree wrapping presents decorating the Christmas tree cookies after-Christmas salesContinue reading “15 Things I Love About Christmas: Blogmas Day 20”