10 Minutes in the Word: Proverbs | Review

This is a short devotional that only takes about 10 minutes of your day. It takes you through a few verses of Proverbs each day, along with some devotional content, a prayer, and questions to consider. This book focuses on increasing in wisdom. I loved reading this, and filled up so many pages of my […]

Devotions From The Lake | Book Review

This is a beautiful daily devotional, perfect for the summertime, all about the beauty of nature and God’s love for us. Each  day had a short devotional and a prayer after.  It is the perfect thing to read outside in the summer, or keep open on a table at the cabin. I adored this, and […]

The Girl’s Guide to Conquering Life by Erica and Jonathan Catherman

This book by Erica and Jonathan Catherman is a guide for young girls navigating into adulthood. This guide goes all the way from talking to boys and how to wear scarves, to asking for a raise and changing a tire. The first part of the book seemed geared toward pre-teens or early teens, while the […]

The Woman’s Study Bible by Thomas Nelson | Review

First of all, let’s mention how absolutely beautiful this Bible is!!! This is The Woman’s Study Bible (NIV) from Thomas Nelson! This is a full color, hard cover Bible. meant to inspire and encourage women. Throughout each book, there are little lessons on a number of topics, such as headship, marriage, chronology, and more. These […]

101 Questions to Ask in your Twenties by Paul Angone | Review

This book by Paul Angone argues the power and importance of good questions, especially in such a scary and uncertain time as in our twenties. Questions such as, “How do I make a choice when I don’t know what choice to make?”, “Am I being stereotyped in my office for being a twentysomething? If so, […]