16 Hours in London

The best part of the summer program I’m in at the University of Stirling is the long weekends that allow for travel. However, scheduling in travel while having to juggle coursework and course excursions is more difficult than I had expected. It’s even harder to schedule travel with others who have their own coursework toContinue reading “16 Hours in London”

June 2016 Wrap Up!

Hello everyone! I’m back just a couple of days late to share all of the books that I read this June. I’m actually super proud of how much I read, since I’m currently going to school in Scotland, and all of my coursework has been a lot harder than I had anticipated. I only readContinue reading “June 2016 Wrap Up!”

Birthday Adventure

Yesterday was my 19th birthday (yay!), so I decided to spend the day at one of my favorite places in the world…my cabin on a lake! It is so peaceful and beautiful there. Those ducks are just too cute! When I got home late last night, I opened my presents. I’ve been wanting to learnContinue reading “Birthday Adventure”