Ice Castles

At the end of January, I headed to Lake Geneva, WI to see the famous winter ice castles. Each year, the city of Lake Geneva brings a company in to build amazing, interactive ice castles, complete with rooms, ice slides, and even a throne. It was a freezing cold night, barely above 0, but IContinue reading “Ice Castles”

Rocky Mountain Weekend

I recently had the incredible opportunity to surprise my friend and spend a week with her in Colorado. Her boyfriend flew a few of her friends and I from Wisconsin to Colorado, where we showed up at their house and surprised her on her birthday! We spent an amazing weekend exploring her adorable town inContinue reading “Rocky Mountain Weekend”

Illinois Fairytale

I recently discovered the beautiful Matthiessen State Park, a beautiful dells in northern Illinois. Being from Wisconsin, I don’t spend a lot of time in Illinois, even though it’s not that far (who likes those tolls?), so I was glad to have the opportunity to explore the state a little bit. I am so gladContinue reading “Illinois Fairytale”

5 Things to do in Stirling, Scotland

Stirling, in my opinion, is the greatest city in the world. It is the most beautiful place I have ever seen, full of nature, beauty, history, and excitement. It is also where I lived for a summer while I studied abroad. If you get the chance to go to Scotland, I highly recommend visiting theContinue reading “5 Things to do in Stirling, Scotland”

Climbing Sugarloaf Mountain

I recently spent some time in Michigan’s upper peninsula. One of the places I stayed on my trip was Marquette. While there, I decided to do one of my favorite things: hike to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain. Sugarloaf Mountain is an easy climb (we even took the “difficult” path) takes you up 1060 feetContinue reading “Climbing Sugarloaf Mountain”