20 Happy Things: Blogmas Day 15

Things that made me happy over the weekend… Christmas lights good books talking with friends getting and decorating a Christmas tree seeing my sister Ashley (the sweetest kitty ever!) going out for dinner getting some knitting done wrapping Christmas presents watching some favorite holiday films new Castle episode today cuddles with the kitty fish-sitting ChristmasContinue reading “20 Happy Things: Blogmas Day 15”

The End In Sight: Blogmas Day 12

That’s right, it’s almost time. It’s almost winter break! Today was my last day of classes, and my final exams are next week. All that is left is a few projects I need to finish and some final studying. Break is so close! It’s a bit hard to keep myself motivated this close to beingContinue reading “The End In Sight: Blogmas Day 12”

Life Update: Blogmas Day 9

Hello everybody! I would like to apologize in advance for the lameness of this post, as it’s just a boring ol’ update. But I still do want to let everybody know what’s been going on with me, and why I’m having such trouble keeping up on here. First, I have my final exams next week.Continue reading “Life Update: Blogmas Day 9”