Ice Castles

At the end of January, I headed to Lake Geneva, WI to see the famous winter ice castles. Each year, the city of Lake Geneva brings a company in to build amazing, interactive ice castles, complete with rooms, ice slides, and even a throne. It was a freezing cold night, barely above 0, but IContinue reading “Ice Castles”

The Wild Wood and the Haunts of Nature

In early April, when the weather finally started getting warmer, I took a little road trip to see the Seven Bridges Park in Milwaukee. This gorgeous covered bridge is why I came to this park. At the very start of the trail, you walk across this bridge, which reads: Enter this wild wood and viewContinue reading “The Wild Wood and the Haunts of Nature”

Exploring the Domes

If you travel to downtown Milwaukee, you may see three large, glass domes standing out among the buildings.  That would be the Mitchell Domes, a park just outside of the busyness of the city that houses three giant greenhouses. Each dome has a theme: a tropical dome, a desert dome, and then a show domeContinue reading “Exploring the Domes”

Discovering Art in Milwaukee

On a recent trip to Milwaukee, I spent a day wandering around the Milwaukee Art Museum. First of all, the architecture of the building is incredible. The “wings” of the roof are opened up each morning and closed at night, and they “flap” closed and open again each day at noon.  And really, you justContinue reading “Discovering Art in Milwaukee”